Anthon 11/16/2005

Online casinos are also known as Internet casinos or virtual casinos. Gamblers play and bet in casino games through browsing and surfing the internet. The odds and percentages of payback are comparable to that of land-based casinos but some online casinos claim that they are offering higher payback percentages in their slot machine games. With […]

Anthon 03/03/2004

Betting on the horses is a very popular gambling game where players bet on horses that compete in a race. Whoever bets on the winning horse gets the money prize that is allotted for it. Betting on horse racing also has its rules like other gambling games. There is a certain percentage that is given […]

Anthon 01/28/2001

Today, gambling is associated with myths of pop culture, made primarily to attract players. This marketing scheme is said to catch the attention of all types of players, offering great excitement and endless opportunities to make a lot of money. Players who are able to walk away after winning big, are playing smart and know […]