Anthon 10/28/2016

Name: Ramesses Riches
Video Slot
Theme: Egyptian
5-Reel, 20-Payline, Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Gamble Feature.
Wild: Ramesses
Scatter: Ankh

Ramesses is a name inextricably linked with ancient Egypt, with associations of noble blood, great conquests and of course vast riches. The line of Ramesses was actually a dynasty of ten kings of the Egyptian empire, with Ramesses III being the greatest and most powerful ruler Egypt had ever seen. Under him the Egyptian empire was hugely abundant, and his military prowess meant that he lead the Egyptian army and navy to their greatest victories in recorded history.

This huge tradition of power, strength and abundance is carried through today in the exotic and striking video slot Ramesses Riches. As you travel through the scorching desert, wind whipping sand up around you and the golden sun beating down on the amber landscape, and you suddenly come across a beautiful oasis. Tall majestic palm trees sway in what has become a gentle breeze, their broad green leaves whispering in the wind while they shield you from the beating sun. This is where you will meet the  Ramesses Riches, the exciting 5 reel twenty payline video slot with fresh and colorful graphics and an enchanting theme.

Ramesses Riches

A classic symbol associated with Egyptian mythology is the Ankh, the cross with a handle also known as the key of life. The Ankh is a Scatter symbol in Ramesses Riches and three or more of these will transport you to the mystical desert night in the oasis, the palm trees being spotted with stars in the inky sky, reflected in the almost glassy sand dunes as pyramids stand proudly in the distance of your vision. You get to enjoy free spins, and if you get a Ramesses symbol in one of your free spins, your winnings are multiplied by six! Truly that’s abundance at the scale of the Egyptian emperors.

The great king Ramesses will be the wild symbol in this game, meaning he can stand in for any symbol to complete a payline and bless you with even more winnings! Enjoy the fresh and exciting paylines  – ancient black cats were worshipped in Egypt and were even buried with their owners so people would not be lonely in the afterlife without their beloved pets.

There is also a beautiful portrait of Cleopatra on the Ramesses Riches slot, with her striking eyeliner, caramel-coloured skin and her hair glossy ebony hair embroidered with gold, she will brighten up your screen with her regal beauty and excellent bone structure. Enjoy other symbols like the Eye of Horus and a scroll of papyrus covered in ancient hieroglyphics. Did you know that Egyptian hieroglyphics is among the earliest recorded written language known, and that scribes were highly valued in Egyptian society? While reading and writing are pretty much every-day activities in the modern world, the allure of riches and stature still entrance human beings, and that is why the Ramesses Riches slot is so fascinating. The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, wealth and royal strength, making it a perfect addition to this video slot – not only is it safe because Microgaming offers the strongest protection ensuring your gambling is safe and secure, but the royal wealth is seen in its rich graphics, highly cultured sound, and abundant payouts.

Most of us think of Ancient Egypt as a funky theme for a costume party or perhaps an informative chapter in a history book, but this time and place in history was actually one of the most intellectually and materially abundant times of human history, with mathematics, astronomy and agriculture being as abundant as the gold stores and empirical riches of the great King Ramesses, who was a brave warrior as well as a generous king. Now you can join in the opulence of that ancient time by spinning and winning with Ramesses Riches.