Anthon 12/14/2016

In an effort to boost the city’s economy, Philadelphia’s politicians are attempting to secure a casino license. Alan Greenberger, one of Philadelphia’s most popular government officials, anticipates that the city will hear from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control about the status of this casino license by the end of the summer.

The city’s politicians continue to pursue this gaming license despite facing strong opposition from anti-gambling organizations, economists, and advocacy groups. Spokespeople working for these organizations say that casinos offer no economic benefits to cities or towns.

New Development Proposals

Paul BoniBesides working to obtain the aforementioned gambling license, Philadelphia’s city officials have been meeting with contractors to discuss various construction projects and development deals. More specifically, one developer wants to build a unique waterfront property that mimics Seattle’s world-famous Space Needle.

Timothy Wilmott, the developer who presented this Space Needle project, recently withdrew the proposal in light of the city’s attempt to receive a casino construction permit. Wilmott explained that one of the reasons his company withdrew their proposal was that the city seemed more interested in pursuing the city casino project.

Alan Greenberger indicates that the reason he is pursuing a casino license is that the casino will generate more revenue and jobs for the city than the other development projects. Greenberger also claims that building a casino within Philadelphia’s city limits will improve the city’s economic climate for other business owners as well.

Greenberger says that he, along with his advisers, closely analyzed every development project what was presented to them. Greenberg argues that the casino plan offered the most economic benefits of all the projects presented to his team.

Philadelphia’s City Casino Plan Faces Opposition

Alan Mallach, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, believes that there is not enough evidence to suggest that the proposed casino will guarantee economic growth in Philadelphia. Mallach says that all of the casino literature that the Philadelphia Federal Reserve reviewed was purely anecdotal.

Paul Boni is another individual who opposes the proposed Philadelphia casino. Boni is an attorney who works for Stop Predatory Gambling, and is adamant that this casino center will offer no economic benefits to Philadelphia residents. Instead, Boni says, the casino will likely hurt the city’s economy.

Boni argues that gamblers playing at this Philadelphia-based casino will not stop at a local restaurant or attend a concert after gambling. Instead, these gamblers who are coming from one of the city’s suburbs to gamble will return home without spending additional money at other local businesses.