Anthon 01/28/2001

Today, gambling is associated with myths of pop culture, made primarily to attract players. This marketing scheme is said to catch the attention of all types of players, offering great excitement and endless opportunities to make a lot of money. Players who are able to walk away after winning big, are playing smart and know when to stop. It’s usually these types of players the gambling industry hires to be the spokesperson to draw more players back to the casinos and hotels to try their luck once again.

In online poker games, an alluring “poker bunny” is the symbol of fun and rewards; this has become a motivation for many players to play. This is the reason why men are intrigued to play as the game offers a luxury life-style, wealth and the idea that a women suited up as a poker bunny, is just the cherry on the cake.

A lot of online poker game’s graphics are designed with the presence of semi-nude women. This idea encourages players to get involved in the game because the benefits to playing are two-fold – money and the opportunity to look at beautiful women.


The celebrity factor plays a big role, too. In recent years, the industry has been very aggressive in hiring celebrities to play in televised events. They were given money to spend for free and accommodations in luxurious hotels just to show their faces at gambling events. Often they are paid to lose and they loved it. This idea greatly shows how online poker games are huge in the industry. It is comprised of 25 million players worldwide with an estimated profit of not less than a couple of billions; however, the exact figures are still unknown because online poker companies are operating across international borders. With this, they can definitely afford to advertise with exciting graphics and well-known celebrities.