Anthon 07/13/2007

To put it simply; a blackjack basic strategy chart will provide blackjack players with a detailed game strategy. Since there are so many variations of the game blackjack, the players can use different basic game techniques that are often represented by strategy charts. To elaborate this, this article will give you hints on the commonly used blackjack strategy card. This will make you understand the chart effectively.

This chart is simple to learn. It displays the right move a player can make based on either the hand card of the player or face card of the dealer. You will be allowed to make basic moves like stand, hit, double down, split and surrender. The basic strategy is simple: memorize, as much as you can, the entire card’s moves and scenarios.

Learn to Win Through Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

When you are new in the game, chart analysis may be complicated. However, during the actual game, you will discover that the game is simple. The value of the player’s hand is listed in the far left column while the face card of the dealer is across the top of the chart. The rest of the chart will show the possible moves that a player can make.

Oftentimes, blackjack strategy cards use color-coded boxes and letters to determine the player’s moves. Definitely, the colors will enhance every letter, making it easier to identify. In most charts, the player’s move is represented by the first two letters of every word like “H” for hit, “S” for stand, “D” for double down, “Sp” for Split and “Su” for Surrender. Just take note that not all charts are the same.

Here are some common rules in playing blackjack:

  • decks are from 4-8
  • dealer stands on soft 17
  • double down on any two cards
  • double down after split
  • original bets will lose on dealer blackjack
  • late surrender

It is no doubt that if you follow this blackjack strategy chart, you will enhance your chances of winning; hence, you will be guaranteed good winning percentage. Also, through perfectly following the basic strategies, you will have a 50% probability of winning each time you play.

Learn to Win Through Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

For additional reference, look for free to use blackjack charts in the internet. This will definitely increase your knowledge and strategies of the game. When you are going to a casino, it will help if you have memorized all the charts.

Strictly following the strategies listed above will decrease the casino’s edge over you and increase your winning chances.