Anthon 07/12/2017

The festive season is here and casinos all over the world are coming up with various promotions to lure more customers. While most casinos are banking on million-dollar annual special events, two-time winner of ‘Most Influential Gaming Company Award’, Bet365 has come up with an innovative idea. Its holiday promotion, called Wrapped up rewards, will see players receiving rewards, including an iPad mini, every day throughout the event’s five stages. You can win up to 25 gifts every day from December 1 to 31.


Bet365 December FestTo participate and get advantages of the offer, you need to be a Bet365 customer. You have to log into the website and then need to click on the ‘Opt in now’ button on the Wrapped up rewards promotion page. To start winning rewards, you need merit points, which can be earned by playing real money table games at Bet365. It is to be noted that only the merit points earned through cash table games would be considered for the offer and not the ones you earned from Sit and Go or any other type of poker on the site.

Fans who play through their smartphones or tablets can also participate in the offer.

Winning the presents

Unlike a standard cash table where each merit point contributes to 0.5 coins, in premium cash tables, each merit point earns you a coin. So if you choose premium cash tables for the purpose of the promotion, you double your chances and speed of winning presents.