Gambling High Roller Killed in Sydney

With Australians looking to build on their extensive array of high end casinos, they will be troubled by the story of a high roller who was murdered in Sydney earlier this month. Peter Tan Hoang, a 36 year old man from Vietnam, was killed on a Sydney street by a gun shot wound. Mr. Hoang was undergoing criminal proceedings for his links to organized crime and illegal betting.

Peter Tan Hoang

Mr. Hoang built quite a reputation for himself as an elite gambler. He was known to frequent high end casinos throughout Asia, in addition to other illegal gambling enterprises. His overall betting figures in Australia stand at $90 million wagered which is probably more than any other individual over that time span.

His trial in Melbourne stems from an arrest at the Melbourne Crown Casino in 2012. He was arrested with $1.5 million in his possession, with the money said to have come from his ties to organized crime. He was pleading guilty to the charges against him, but was expected to be convicted.

Despite being arrested at the casino, he received rave reviews from that establishment. An employee of the VIP rooms at the Crown Casino, Jennifer Nguyen, had this to say about Mr. Hoang: “He was an important customer at Crown Casino. We valued him very highly. He was always respectful, polite, generous and one of our best patrons.”

Entering and leaving casinos with huge amounts of cash was not new for Peter Hoang. He is said to have left casinos with more than a million dollars on multiple occasions. During one trip to the Crown Casino, he gambled over $13 million, winning $1 million. His overall Crown Casino losses stood at $8 million over a 12 year period.

This story highlights the dangers of VIP gambling to Australia. Casinos are happy to indulge customers such as Mr. Hoang because of how much money they lose over the years. His ties to organized crime are very troubling. His propensity towards a high roller lifestyle may have eventually got him killed.

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