Gambling Addiction Getting Worse In UK

Increasing popularity and the addictive nature of gambling games has been a growing concern, with effects of problem-gambling found in disrupted family life. The number of punters in the UK has been on the increase with the advent of online gambling and even more convenient means such as easily available mobile or portable device applications.

As more children in the UK are drawn to the alluring possibilities of winning quick money through enjoyable gaming options, issues with gambling addiction seem to be on a steady rise. Not only is gambling detrimental to mental and social health, it can also lead to further debilitations and dependencies on drugs, leading to crime and depression to the point of suicide.


Concerned citizens

However, several concerned citizens have begun to form committees and programs that help gambling addicts recover and settle back into society as functional citizens. People like Frankie Graham, Clerkenwell resident, is a recovered gambling addict who works toward bringing about awareness about the dangers and harsh repercussions of the habit.

Having recovered after 20 years of being a gambling and drug addict, Graham, reached a turning point in his life after suffering the many ill effects of gambling. With support found in meetings for addicts, Graham mentors and holds workshops for gamblers, both young and old.


An active social rehabilitation organisation, Betknowmore seeks out those in need of help to overcome gaming addictions. The organisation looks to gain attention of gamers on their way to a serious habit and directs them toward better situations with proper aid and awareness.

With a view to nip the problem of gambling in the bud, the organisation focuses on punters in process of developing an addition to gambling. Such people are known to be reluctant seekers of help and often find themselves without much ready support in the community.

With constant advertisements on popular entertainment mediums like television and the internet, problem gambling is currently more widespread than ever in the UK. The attractions of online or mobile betting, or fixed-odds wagers have made it relatively easy for children to place bets as well.

Through community support and information on the many trials of betting, the organisation looks to create awareness and help build resistance to active gaming triggers.