Paul Boni Opposes Philadelphia Casino

In an effort to boost the city’s economy, Philadelphia’s politicians are attempting to secure a casino license. Alan Greenberger, one of Philadelphia’s most popular government officials, anticipates that the city will hear from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control about the status of this casino license by the end of the summer.

The city’s politicians continue to pursue this gaming license despite facing strong opposition from anti-gambling organizations, economists, and advocacy groups. Spokespeople working for these organizations say that casinos offer no economic benefits to cities or towns.

New Development Proposals

Paul BoniBesides working to obtain the aforementioned gambling license, Philadelphia’s city officials have been meeting with contractors to discuss various construction projects and development deals. More specifically, one developer wants to build a unique waterfront property that mimics Seattle’s world-famous Space Needle.

Timothy Wilmott, the developer who presented this Space Needle project, recently withdrew the proposal in light of the city’s attempt to receive a casino construction permit. Wilmott explained that one of the reasons his company withdrew their proposal was that the city seemed more interested in pursuing the city casino project.

Alan Greenberger indicates that the reason he is pursuing a casino license is that the casino will generate more revenue and jobs for the city than the other development projects. Greenberger also claims that building a casino within Philadelphia’s city limits will improve the city’s economic climate for other business owners as well.

Greenberger says that he, along with his advisers, closely analyzed every development project what was presented to them. Greenberg argues that the casino plan offered the most economic benefits of all the projects presented to his team.

Philadelphia’s City Casino Plan Faces Opposition

Alan Mallach, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, believes that there is not enough evidence to suggest that the proposed casino will guarantee economic growth in Philadelphia. Mallach says that all of the casino literature that the Philadelphia Federal Reserve reviewed was purely anecdotal.

Paul Boni is another individual who opposes the proposed Philadelphia casino. Boni is an attorney who works for Stop Predatory Gambling, and is adamant that this casino center will offer no economic benefits to Philadelphia residents. Instead, Boni says, the casino will likely hurt the city’s economy.

Boni argues that gamblers playing at this Philadelphia-based casino will not stop at a local restaurant or attend a concert after gambling. Instead, these gamblers who are coming from one of the city’s suburbs to gamble will return home without spending additional money at other local businesses.

Gambling Industry Gains Steam in Macau

In all of China, only Macau allows legalized gambling. The former Portuguese colony has a long tradition of gaming stemming from small-time card room and venues operated by criminal elements to today’s world class gambling options, fully compliant with government oversight and guaranteed safe and secure.

Gambling is big business in Macau. Last year alone, Macau gambling interests took in more than $36 million in revenue from casinos. That’s five times the amount of revenue taken in by Las Vegas gambling venues in 2012. Just being close to Hong Kong, mainland China, and surrounding Asian nations brings in 14 million tourists a year, many of whom are interested in playing casino games. Almost 90 percent of these tourists come from the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Macau has been likened to a Las Vegas on steroids. Gaming revenues in the island city have risen 20 percent a month in the last year, according to the Macau Gaming inspection and Coordination Bureau. Even with economic growth slowing in China, tourists and gaming revenues have consistently grown, bureau officials say.

Responding to this tremendous growth in gaming, casino corporations have jumped in full throttle to capitalize on the interest. More than $25 billion in projects related to gaming have been initiated in Macau in the last two years. The new gambling venues are expected to employ more than 35,000 workers ranging from construction workers to blackjack dealers, executives to cocktail lounge employees.

With the increased emphasis on gambling, however, some negativity must be overcome. While Macau residents have reaped the rewards in terms of better jobs and living conditions, they also have suffered some social costs. Social welfare networks have been stretched thin while health and transportation services have been sorely tested. Property has become more expensive and housing is much more scarce.

However, Macau leaders, business people, and much of the community have benefited from the influx of tourists and capital with the best yet to come, gaming officials promise.

Ramesses Riches Slot Game

Name: Ramesses Riches
Video Slot
Theme: Egyptian
5-Reel, 20-Payline, Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Gamble Feature.
Wild: Ramesses
Scatter: Ankh

Ramesses is a name inextricably linked with ancient Egypt, with associations of noble blood, great conquests and of course vast riches. The line of Ramesses was actually a dynasty of ten kings of the Egyptian empire, with Ramesses III being the greatest and most powerful ruler Egypt had ever seen. Under him the Egyptian empire was hugely abundant, and his military prowess meant that he lead the Egyptian army and navy to their greatest victories in recorded history.

This huge tradition of power, strength and abundance is carried through today in the exotic and striking video slot Ramesses Riches. As you travel through the scorching desert, wind whipping sand up around you and the golden sun beating down on the amber landscape, and you suddenly come across a beautiful oasis. Tall majestic palm trees sway in what has become a gentle breeze, their broad green leaves whispering in the wind while they shield you from the beating sun. This is where you will meet the  Ramesses Riches, the exciting 5 reel twenty payline video slot with fresh and colorful graphics and an enchanting theme.

Ramesses Riches

A classic symbol associated with Egyptian mythology is the Ankh, the cross with a handle also known as the key of life. The Ankh is a Scatter symbol in Ramesses Riches and three or more of these will transport you to the mystical desert night in the oasis, the palm trees being spotted with stars in the inky sky, reflected in the almost glassy sand dunes as pyramids stand proudly in the distance of your vision. You get to enjoy free spins, and if you get a Ramesses symbol in one of your free spins, your winnings are multiplied by six! Truly that’s abundance at the scale of the Egyptian emperors.

The great king Ramesses will be the wild symbol in this game, meaning he can stand in for any symbol to complete a payline and bless you with even more winnings! Enjoy the fresh and exciting paylines  – ancient black cats were worshipped in Egypt and were even buried with their owners so people would not be lonely in the afterlife without their beloved pets.

There is also a beautiful portrait of Cleopatra on the Ramesses Riches slot, with her striking eyeliner, caramel-coloured skin and her hair glossy ebony hair embroidered with gold, she will brighten up your screen with her regal beauty and excellent bone structure. Enjoy other symbols like the Eye of Horus and a scroll of papyrus covered in ancient hieroglyphics. Did you know that Egyptian hieroglyphics is among the earliest recorded written language known, and that scribes were highly valued in Egyptian society? While reading and writing are pretty much every-day activities in the modern world, the allure of riches and stature still entrance human beings, and that is why the Ramesses Riches slot is so fascinating. The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, wealth and royal strength, making it a perfect addition to this video slot – not only is it safe because Microgaming offers the strongest protection ensuring your gambling is safe and secure, but the royal wealth is seen in its rich graphics, highly cultured sound, and abundant payouts.

Most of us think of Ancient Egypt as a funky theme for a costume party or perhaps an informative chapter in a history book, but this time and place in history was actually one of the most intellectually and materially abundant times of human history, with mathematics, astronomy and agriculture being as abundant as the gold stores and empirical riches of the great King Ramesses, who was a brave warrior as well as a generous king. Now you can join in the opulence of that ancient time by spinning and winning with Ramesses Riches.

Local Tradition


While casinos certainly go to great lengths to attract as many people as possible from out of town, there is no doubt that locals are a very important part of their business. With this fact in mind, the Best of Las Vegas recently released its list of top casinos for locals. These casinos provide the best of the best for the local population all throughout the year.

The Top Contenders

The Tropicana Las Vegas takes the crown, offering patrons outstanding customer service and an at-home feel that is all together different than the atmosphere that is offered by establishments along the Strip. Just behind the Tropicana is the Aliante Casino Hotel. This spot offers personalized service and welcomes the feedback of their customers in every aspect of their business. Locals consistently rave about this location and prove their loyalty year after year.

VIP All Year-round

The South Point Hotel Casino and Spa has been labeled as an all-inclusive experience that is beyond compare. Patrons that make their way through the doors are given VIP treatments without having to spend incredible amounts of money to get the best that the hotel has to offer. The Red Rock Casino and Resort also offers Spa treatments and various other luxurious amenities. They receive extremely high marks when it comes to the friendliness and experience of their staff.

Staff Beyond Reproach

The M Resort is loved for its accessibility, plentiful parking, and staff that is generous and welcoming. Although some people classify this location as slightly pricey for a location that is not on the Strip, the bar consistently draws in locals due to its drink selection and outstanding beers. The Silverton Casino Lodge has been hailed as a momentous success due to its relaxed atmosphere and experienced staff. No need is left wanting yet you do not have to get dressed up just for a night out of high-class entertainment.

New York Voters Pass Legislation Allowing Seven New Upstate Casinos



Voters in New York have approved an amendment to the state’s constitution that allows the creation of as many as 7 Las Vegas-style casinos in New York State. Backed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, the bill is also known as Proposal One, and is aimed at rejuvenating upstate communities that are struggling in a sluggish economy.

Billed as a means of creating jobs in these upstate communities, the Governor also cited the state’s loss of potential revenue to gaming operations in neighboring states as a significant factor in his decision to support the amendment. In addition to creating thousands of new jobs, the 25% tax rate that would be applied to full-scale casino operations could bring the state hundreds of millions in recaptured revenue, which he says could help to fund the state’s schools and allow for tax cuts.

Proposal One works by dividing upstate New York in various non-Indian land regions, and allowing one resort casino to be constructed in some of these regions. When it was first introduced, the bill allowed for the construction of just three casinos, but was later changed to allow four, and then seven casinos to be built in upstate areas.

During the first phase of development, which will last for seven years, four upstate sites would be allowed to build class III casinos. The second phase will allow for the proposal of three additional downstate sites, with preference being given to the Southern Tier, the Capital District, and the Catskills.

Despite passing by a 57% to 43% margin, the referendum has its share of critics. Among them is E.J. McMahon of the nonpartisan Empire Center for Public Policy. Citing the center’s analysis of the impact that the casinos would have on the state, he says that the amendment would have little impact, only lowering upstate, private-sector employment by a maximum of 0.4 of 1 percent, and only increasing state school aid by a maximum of 1 percent.

Proposal One is the most aggressive one-time expansion of casino operations that the state has ever seen, and comes at a time when many of New York’s neighboring states are also taking significant steps to expand their own gaming industries. Both New Jersey and Delaware are venturing into the realm of online, real-money gaming, and both Massachusetts and New Hampshire are also examining plans to increase gambling operators in their own states. In addition, nearby Pennsylvania has grown to become the second most lucrative casino-operating state in the country.

A Home For Gaming

When searching for the best online casino, one of the primary characteristics for which to look is a company that is play-roulette.-gifcompletely client-oriented. This concern falls directly into the mission statement of 7Spins Casino. Over the decades, they have been establishing a strong customer based thanks to reliability, dynamic games, and exciting new offers around every turn. One only needs to look at some of the promotions that have been coming from their team of gaming experts in order to feel satisfied that they have found the gaming site that is exactly right for them.

A Gaming Retreat of Tremendous Potential

The Winter Sparks Tournament joins their host of online games that have secured fun and financial gain for some many people to date. This tournament offers unprecedented access to cash prizes for anyone willing to try their luck. In addition to tournament play, 7Spins Casino presents raffles that are appropriate for the season at hand. During the winter, players can log on and enjoy the thrill that comes with entering the Alpine Icecapade Raffle. The grand prize for this game is a retreat to a luxurious ski resort that is nestled in the hills of the Aspen Mountains.

The Benefits to Regular Players

With the bearded jolly man in mind, 7Spins Casino has developed the Midnight Cash Sleigh Tournament, a contest that has $50,000 in cash prizes at stake. This tournament represents an exclusive casino promotion that is meant to reward as many players as possible during the holiday season. Turning to the 7Spins Casino regularly gains you access to events where the winnings are spread across many players throughout the game which certainly exists as an added bonus.

More Than Money

The prizes also prove to be unique for those who may not always find cash prizes to be the most appealing reward. For instance, the Christmas games coming to players this year includes prizes that every tech junkie will salivate over. Entering the High-Tech X-mas Tournament is a must for gadget lovers of all kinds. However, cash is never left out of the mix. This contest has $50,000 up for grabs in addition to a Vertu Ti Cellphone for the first place winner.

More Merry Holidays

Casinos are known for pulling out all the stops and offering players huge grand prizes once the cold weather begins to set in Blackjack_boardat the end of the year. Casino Moons is no exception to this trend. The events and promotional offers that they have in store for the end of the year are worth your attention. On top of the unique opportunities that come with visiting their site this winter, members will have even more fun once the exclusive chances for gaming access start to present themselves.

The Reasons to Play

Among the games drawing the attention of new and seasoned players is the Cash Avalanche Tournament. The winner of this event will pocket a merry $25,000, making the holidays all the more grand. There are plenty of opportunities to win that will warm up your enthusiasm as you press into December. The Aspen Exclusive Raffle lets you in on fun that comes with unique, seasonal prizes for multiple players. Cash payouts and exclusive prizes are not the only things responsible for the popularity of this noted name in gaming. The website for Casino Moons offers gaming environments that also keep players coming back time and time again. It is easy to use, presents players with engaging graphics, and makes all transactions fast and simple.

Santa Keeps On Coming

Many players are logging on simply to play the Season’s Riches Tournament, an event that will make some lucky player $35,000 richer. Although, players coming in slightly farther back in the rankings will still bag lots of cash and valuable prizes. The end of December keeps the fun going with the Christmas Lights Tournament, another event that promises unique wins and engaging competition. The cash prizes do not dwindle as the month comes to a close, either. Tournaments such as the Cash Countdown still offer payouts as large as $25,000, $15,000, and $10,000. Christmas fun and excitement is sure to be present when you log on with Casino Moon. New players and members will enjoy all of the new games that are sure to quickly become holiday classics. Enjoy both single and multi-player platforms when it is time to warm things up this winter.

Online Gambling Hits Australia

Playing Online Australia Casino Gambling at Home

Gambling has been one of the longest running activities that most people do to entertain themselves or to earn money. It is done by betting money or something that is valuable, which is called “stakes”. Betting is done on events or things that have no certain results and that may vary from time to time. It is formed by three factors, which are the odds, the price money, and the consideration or the agreement. The outcome or the result is usually determined instantly. Gambling may also be called gaming if it is legal and is regulated by different control boards. One of the most popular is the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Gambling has been evolving ever since and is not only accessible in the casinos or gambling places but even online. In online casino gambling actual cash is required and you can only start once a deposit has been made. It requires a legit money source such as a credit card. All you need is an internet connection and a computer to start casino gambling at the comfort of your home. There is a software that must be downloaded first and installed in your computer before starting. The software can be found in the same website where the player registers. There are different sites to choose from but the most popular can be found in Australia, with websites that offer Australian online casino gambling.

Playing Online Australia Casino Gambling at Home

Online gambling is becoming a trend and is getting popular these days. The reasons are that people do not need to go the casino anymore as long as they have a computer and an internet connection at home. They can use their credit cards for the deposits and because you are not really using real cash, so its a lot safer. There are a lot of games to choose from such as Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Slots, and Poker. A player can also choose between single player mode and multiplayer mode. In single player, he/she plays alone at the table with an online dealer.

In multiplayer mode, a player can go against other online casino players which give them the same excitement they would get when playing in a real life casino environment with real players. The only difference is that you don’t have to leave home just to enjoy the fun gambling brings. Satisfaction and entertainment at the tip of your fingers – that’s what online casino gambling is about.

Online Poker Canada – Easy, Fun and Hassle-Free

Online poker Canada is when the card game poker is played over the Internet, in Canada. It may or may not involve money during the game. Due to the popularity of the game and the accessibility of it through the Internet, more and more players become addicted playing it. Many business-minded people grabbed this opportunity and put up websites to offer online poker gaming. These sites are usually found in different places like Canada and other western countries. It can be compared to online casino gambling because it is legal and there are regulations established. This also requires the player to download the poker game software available on the website. After installing the software, the player must then register an account that he or she will use in logging in.

Online Poker Canada - Easy, Fun and Hassle-Free

Players can choose to play for fun and/or with the hopes of earning money. If you want to earn, first make a deposit and provide a legit or legal money source, such as a credit card. After the deposit has been approved, you can then start the game with real money at stake.

Online Poker Canada - Easy, Fun and Hassle-Free

It is important that before playing, you familiarize yourself with the house rules of the online poker club you have joined. Online poker clubs in Canada usually establish certain house rules for the players to follow so that the games would be systematic and that the transactions would be successful. Security is very vital in online poker games especially when money is involved. That’s why any data or money transactions that pass through the website are encrypted to avoid any security breach that may cause the players to lose their money. This process is monitored because every online poker club values their customers and the quality of games they provide to all players.

UK Casino Gambling Online – Virtual is Exceptional

UK casino gambling online has become popular these days. Many casino online sites are based in the UK and they accept many players from all over the world. Like other casino online sites, the method is the same. You must download the gaming software needed to play the games. Before you can start, you must make a deposit first and use a legit money source like a credit card.

UK Casino Gambling Online - Virtual is Exceptional

Different online casino clubs offer gaming rewards and other offers for the players and their needs. Almost every club is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council, which is in charge of monitoring different online casinos especially in the UK. By playing in a club that belongs to the Interactive Gaming Council, you can be sure that the gambling and casino are legit and your money and deposit will be safe. These online casinos value security, that’s why they use data encryption to protect the information provided by the players and when making money transactions online. There is always a standby support team if any player encounters a problem with his or her transactions. Different games are offered such as the popular blackjack, roulette, the easy to play slots, and of course poker.

UK Casino Gambling Online - Virtual is Exceptional

With the increasing innovation in our technology, playing in a casino has never been easy. Games are very much accessible now because people own computers and are connected to the Internet. That’s why online casino gambling is getting the attention from almost every gambler. Players like the fact that they don’t have to leave their homes in order to play. This is an advantage to people who live in areas where a casino is not accessible or is very far away. They also feel much safer because they don’t have to bring cash or be there personally just to play. They can use their credit card which is virtually much easier than going to a casino personally.

The excitement and entertainment an online casino brings is the same as the real life casino. One good thing is that a player can choose to play by himself/herself or play with other online casino players. It is a good source of entertainment when you just want to relax at home with your family. This is also a way to earn money while doing the things that you like most at the comfort of your home.