Latest Casino Promotions in Europe

The European continent is not exactly short on top quality casinos which act to serve the millions of users of both online and land based services which populate the land mass. In fact, many would claim that Europe has been leading the way in keeping things focused and fresh in this beloved industry of ours for a very long time now. Many of the most coveted gaming licenses which allow would be providers of top quality gambling services access to some of the largest and most wealthy markets on earth can be found in Europe, with the British, German, Spanish and French commissions leading the way in this field.

Casino_VeldenAs a result of their esteem, casinos based out of Europe in a sense have an obligation to provide the very best to their clients when it comes to special promotions and offers. Some of those which are worthy of being talked about so far in 2015 are as follows:

Eurogrand Casino

Licensed out of the British Mediterranean territory of Gibraltar, as so many successful online operations are these days, the Eurogrand casino has won esteem in recent years as a result of its cutting-edge approach to the live dealer format, amongst other features which I won’t spoil for you! Currently, the casino is offering a welcoming bonus of up to £1000 for new users, as well as 25 or more free spins on the back of your first deposit.

Jubise Casino

The Jubise casino is pretty much Frances finest online gaming platform to day, and given that they’re a nation that holds very high standards in this area – it’s definitely one to visit. Available in English and with its main currency being US Dollars, newcomers to Jubise will enjoy a bonus of up to 150% on their deposits up to 300 (EUR/GBP/US).

Jackpot Grand Casino Unleashes March Madness

This March, Jackpot Grand Casino decided to add a bit of madness to your gaming routine with its cool promos on offer. The casino has announced the grand return of its Slam Dunk offer that players can avail from the start of March to the end of April.

Slam Dunk!

Jackpot Capital CasinoWhat is on offer? All new players at the casino will be ushered in with $60 free chips, and that is not all. A 400 percent deposit match up that can go up to $4,000 has also been announced.

Availing these thrilling offers is easy. All participants will have to do is register and, then, make a minimum deposit of EUR 25. Once it has been done, you can enter the bonus code and participate in the March Madness. Moreover, players will be spoilt for choice as the casino is offering a catalogue that is filled with 200 exciting games. This, they deem, will help you improve your manners at the casino table.

There’s plenty more

Recreate an authentic casino experience at home during the March Madness promo. The casino has opened up 60 slots and more than 10 table games that you can have a blast at. The table games on offer include Baccarat, Blackjack, Pontoon and Pai Gow Poker. Additionally, there are also video games and speciality games – like European and American Roulette, Bonus Bingo and Craps – on offer.

Be a champ

You can be crowned the Blackjack Champ during the March Madness promo. To make things simpler, the casino has spelt out the rules. You can start off with two cards but can request for just one card at a time, till you are shown 21. The last player standing will win the championship at the grand March Madness celebration.

Slot Jackpots at Red Hawk Casino Pay Out Over $1 Million

Many members of the Red Hawk Rewards Club got lucky recently as they received over $1 million at the Presidents Day Weekend in various jackpots. Red Hawk Casino is known for a lot of loose and lucky slots and pays out comparatively higher jackpot amounts more frequently to winners.

Top rankings

red_hawk_casinoA Fair Oaks-based player, Nick is a routine visitor to the casino and was enjoying his Sunday afternoon indulging in his preferred slot games. He had been playing at the Red Hawk Casino for a short while only. In the middle of the game (Game King Video Poker), the cards got slipped showing four aces. A $20,000 jackpot absolutely thrilled Nick and he has decided to utilize a portion of the reward cash for taking a holiday.

According to general manager of Red Hawk Casino, Bryan deluge, it is well known that the casino has been rated as the Best Casino in Sacramento for four years consistently. The guests at the Red Hawk Casino are aware that the casino offers a high-end gaming experience which cannot be matched by any other casino in the area.

A winning weekend

The weekend at Red Hawk Casino was full of winnings. The reels with respect to a Cleopatra slot resulted in a member getting lucky and winning a staggering jackpot worth $39,760.

Similarly another member of the Rewards Club from El Dorado tried her luck with respect to a Lucky 8’s slot. Within minutes, she struck an $11,854 worth jackpot! But the jackpots did not end here. There was another guest who had come from Carmichael in California and was happily enjoying the evening betting on penny slots, given the huge range of machines offered at the casino. Within 20 minutes, while sitting and playing a slot at Black Gold Wild Hits, the reels hit a jackpot of $24,182.

Major Vegas Casinos Turning Their Attention to Macau

Gambling revenues from Las Vegas will probably never surpass the levels of 2007, when over $7 billion was raised by Strip casinos. By 2009 the figure was already below $6 billion, which was the lowest for a number of years. These numbers have gone up in the following years, with the economic recession slowing down. With the economy in a healthy position right now, figures from Vegas are rosier.

casino_vegasThe 2013 figures for revenue stand at around $6.5 billion. This means that companies such as the MGM Resorts, Wynn and Las Vegas Sands have been making great profits. However, that has not stopped them from trying to adapt to this new world with their business practices.

With the possibility of other casinos popping up all over the country, along with the potential legalization of online gambling, Vegas must be careful. The companies that are responsible for the Strip’s major casinos know that their revenue streams are always under threat from new avenues.

That is why they have been turning their attention to Macau over the past few years. The East Asian resort is one of the primary locations for high end gambling in the world. Even though Macau revenues slowed down a bit in 2014, there is tremendous opportunities for growth. An entire section of Macau has not been properly developed, with more casinos and entertainment centers expected.

A comparison of the figures from Macau and Las Vegas shows that the Strip does not have the Asian site’s growth potential. From 2010 to 2014, the numbers for Macau changed from $24 billion in revenue to $45 billion. This is a clear indication that the future for many Vegas based companies is Macau, not their home town casinos.

Vegas will always be important to these companies, but the bulk of their profits will come from Asia.

Gifts Shower at Bet365 December Fest

The festive season is here and casinos all over the world are coming up with various promotions to lure more customers. While most casinos are banking on million-dollar annual special events, two-time winner of ‘Most Influential Gaming Company Award’, Bet365 has come up with an innovative idea. Its holiday promotion, called Wrapped up rewards, will see players receiving rewards, including an iPad mini, every day throughout the event’s five stages. You can win up to 25 gifts every day from December 1 to 31.


Bet365 December FestTo participate and get advantages of the offer, you need to be a Bet365 customer. You have to log into the website and then need to click on the ‘Opt in now’ button on the Wrapped up rewards promotion page. To start winning rewards, you need merit points, which can be earned by playing real money table games at Bet365. It is to be noted that only the merit points earned through cash table games would be considered for the offer and not the ones you earned from Sit and Go or any other type of poker on the site.

Fans who play through their smartphones or tablets can also participate in the offer.

Winning the presents

Unlike a standard cash table where each merit point contributes to 0.5 coins, in premium cash tables, each merit point earns you a coin. So if you choose premium cash tables for the purpose of the promotion, you double your chances and speed of winning presents.

El Cortez: Best Las Vegas Destination for Blackjack Players

If it’s a great game of blackjack you’re looking for in Las Vegas, you need to look no further than El Cortez. The El Cortez Hotel and Casino is widely renowned by experts in the game and avid players alike as the single best blackjack game you’ll find in the Las Vegas city limits.

El CortezWith a 3:2 pay-off and a single-deck game, the house advantage at El Cortez is just under 0.2%. It’s the lowest house edge you’ll be able to find anywhere in either Downtown Las Vegas or along the Vegas Strip. Because the game is a single deck game, it’s almost always manually shuffled, avoiding the increased time for players to lose their winnings that some players have seen with the innovation of Continuous Shuffling Machines speeding up the process and adding hands.

While there are some other tiny hole-in-the-wall places such as the Alamo (a tiny truck stop area away from the Strip) also have 3:2 payoffs with single deck games, these places are all strictly low-stakes games, with limits being set anywhere from $5 to $100. The El Cortez, however, does not limit itself to these small betting options, making it a far more exciting and potentially far more beneficial game.

In addition to its praise for having one of the best blackjack games in the country, it’s also been praised for its quarter slots and other games, as well.

With their low house edge, their exciting games, along with their reasonably priced rooms and rentals, it’s no wonder that the El Cortez has been deemed one of the best blackjack hot-spot destinations for serious players from all around the world. With the El Cortez excitement buzzing from sources and bloggers all over the world, it might just be worth checking out this classic hotel and casino the next time you’re in Vegas.

Gambling High Roller Killed in Sydney

With Australians looking to build on their extensive array of high end casinos, they will be troubled by the story of a high roller who was murdered in Sydney earlier this month. Peter Tan Hoang, a 36 year old man from Vietnam, was killed on a Sydney street by a gun shot wound. Mr. Hoang was undergoing criminal proceedings for his links to organized crime and illegal betting.

Peter Tan Hoang

Mr. Hoang built quite a reputation for himself as an elite gambler. He was known to frequent high end casinos throughout Asia, in addition to other illegal gambling enterprises. His overall betting figures in Australia stand at $90 million wagered which is probably more than any other individual over that time span.

His trial in Melbourne stems from an arrest at the Melbourne Crown Casino in 2012. He was arrested with $1.5 million in his possession, with the money said to have come from his ties to organized crime. He was pleading guilty to the charges against him, but was expected to be convicted.

Despite being arrested at the casino, he received rave reviews from that establishment. An employee of the VIP rooms at the Crown Casino, Jennifer Nguyen, had this to say about Mr. Hoang: “He was an important customer at Crown Casino. We valued him very highly. He was always respectful, polite, generous and one of our best patrons.”

Entering and leaving casinos with huge amounts of cash was not new for Peter Hoang. He is said to have left casinos with more than a million dollars on multiple occasions. During one trip to the Crown Casino, he gambled over $13 million, winning $1 million. His overall Crown Casino losses stood at $8 million over a 12 year period.

This story highlights the dangers of VIP gambling to Australia. Casinos are happy to indulge customers such as Mr. Hoang because of how much money they lose over the years. His ties to organized crime are very troubling. His propensity towards a high roller lifestyle may have eventually got him killed.

For more information on this story, click here.

Gambling Addiction Getting Worse In UK

Increasing popularity and the addictive nature of gambling games has been a growing concern, with effects of problem-gambling found in disrupted family life. The number of punters in the UK has been on the increase with the advent of online gambling and even more convenient means such as easily available mobile or portable device applications.

As more children in the UK are drawn to the alluring possibilities of winning quick money through enjoyable gaming options, issues with gambling addiction seem to be on a steady rise. Not only is gambling detrimental to mental and social health, it can also lead to further debilitations and dependencies on drugs, leading to crime and depression to the point of suicide.


Concerned citizens

However, several concerned citizens have begun to form committees and programs that help gambling addicts recover and settle back into society as functional citizens. People like Frankie Graham, Clerkenwell resident, is a recovered gambling addict who works toward bringing about awareness about the dangers and harsh repercussions of the habit.

Having recovered after 20 years of being a gambling and drug addict, Graham, reached a turning point in his life after suffering the many ill effects of gambling. With support found in meetings for addicts, Graham mentors and holds workshops for gamblers, both young and old.


An active social rehabilitation organisation, Betknowmore seeks out those in need of help to overcome gaming addictions. The organisation looks to gain attention of gamers on their way to a serious habit and directs them toward better situations with proper aid and awareness.

With a view to nip the problem of gambling in the bud, the organisation focuses on punters in process of developing an addition to gambling. Such people are known to be reluctant seekers of help and often find themselves without much ready support in the community.

With constant advertisements on popular entertainment mediums like television and the internet, problem gambling is currently more widespread than ever in the UK. The attractions of online or mobile betting, or fixed-odds wagers have made it relatively easy for children to place bets as well.

Through community support and information on the many trials of betting, the organisation looks to create awareness and help build resistance to active gaming triggers.

Reputable Freeplay Online Casino

Firekeepers Casino Hotel is not only a very reputable hotel and casino in Battle Creek, but their website also hosts a great number of free casino games. The free games are a great way for a player to understand the basics without having to risk any money. Too many players make the mistake of starting online games without knowing what they are doing. This leads to money being lost unnecessarily.

online slots


The freeplay online casino games available at Firekeepers Casino Hotel’s website are Quick Hit Platinum, Hot Shot, Cash Wizard, Vegas Hits, Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, Blackjack Shuffle, Let it Ride, Chimney Stacks, Cupid Psyche, Big Vegas, and Havana Cubana.

These games include both the classics and some interesting modern online games for players to sample. If you are planning on visiting a casino in the near future, or playing online for money, you are best served by trying the Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, Blackjack Shuffle and Big Vegas games. These games will give you an idea of the basic rules, how games are won and lost, when to bet and when to fold, and how much to bet depending on your cards, the situation and your recent track record of success or failure.

Casino and Hotel:

In addition to offering these freeplay online casino games, FireKeepers Casino Hotel is a great spot for gambling enthusiasts to visit. The site is located at Battle Creek, Michigan, and is home to a huge 120,000 square foot gaming area. This area has around 3,000 slots, 80 tables, and a high class poker room that is going at all hours of the day and night. There is also a bingo room with sessions at least once a day, seven days a week.

Not only can guests enjoy the fantastic casino games, but they can relax at the hotel resort. The hotel is eight floors, with 250 rooms and 25 suites. The pool, hot tub and sauna area is first class and offers guests the chance to relax in style.

For more information on the freeplay online casino games and this casino, click here.

The Biggest Reason Why You Should Choose Slotland’s Jackpot

Ever heard of progressive jackpots? Well, for those of you who haven’t, it’s a system by which a particular slot game is connected to a single jackpot. Progressive jackpots grow quickly as players attempt to hit the same jackpot from different locations.

 Play progressive


The best thing about progressive jackpots is that they’re always growing, which increases the chances of cash winnings. Playing progressive jackpots online is all the rage these days; it’s incredibly easy to play and win six figure jackpots through web and mobile-based casino slot games.

Online casino game operator Slotland is known for creating unique and exclusive slots for its web and mobile players. Try your luck with some of the fastest growing online progressive slot machine games.

Why Slotland?

Slotland holds title for being one of the most hit progressive jackpot casinos. At this popular online casino, the average progressive jackpot is celebrated at $175,000, a prize that is won around 5 times every year.

Secure and fair, Slotland has frequent jackpot hits with all real money slot machine games tied up to one progressive jackpot. This means that higher and more frequent wins spin to the more loyal and regular players.

Open to players across the world, Slotland offers a wide variety of attractive games, all of which are tied up to a single progressive jackpot.

Win big

A few of the biggest wins include a $266, 800 win by an American on a 19 pay-line Carnival slot game that has an arcade shooting bonus round filled with cash prizes and free spins. Recently, a Vancouver resident made a $162,072 win on Tikal Treasure, a Mayan themed, 25 pay-line 5 reel slot game.

The secret to winning a progressive jackpot is all in the bet. A maximum bet, along with the winning combination, is a must to hit the jackpot. Even if you hit the jackpot symbols on wagers less than the maximum, you don’t win the progressive jackpot. You can, however, perform well for the game’s reel.