The Biggest Reason Why You Should Choose Slotland’s Jackpot

Ever heard of progressive jackpots? Well, for those of you who haven’t, it’s a system by which a particular slot game is connected to a single jackpot. Progressive jackpots grow quickly as players attempt to hit the same jackpot from different locations.

 Play progressive


The best thing about progressive jackpots is that they’re always growing, which increases the chances of cash winnings. Playing progressive jackpots online is all the rage these days; it’s incredibly easy to play and win six figure jackpots through web and mobile-based casino slot games.

Online casino game operator Slotland is known for creating unique and exclusive slots for its web and mobile players. Try your luck with some of the fastest growing online progressive slot machine games.

Why Slotland?

Slotland holds title for being one of the most hit progressive jackpot casinos. At this popular online casino, the average progressive jackpot is celebrated at $175,000, a prize that is won around 5 times every year.

Secure and fair, Slotland has frequent jackpot hits with all real money slot machine games tied up to one progressive jackpot. This means that higher and more frequent wins spin to the more loyal and regular players.

Open to players across the world, Slotland offers a wide variety of attractive games, all of which are tied up to a single progressive jackpot.

Win big

A few of the biggest wins include a $266, 800 win by an American on a 19 pay-line Carnival slot game that has an arcade shooting bonus round filled with cash prizes and free spins. Recently, a Vancouver resident made a $162,072 win on Tikal Treasure, a Mayan themed, 25 pay-line 5 reel slot game.

The secret to winning a progressive jackpot is all in the bet. A maximum bet, along with the winning combination, is a must to hit the jackpot. Even if you hit the jackpot symbols on wagers less than the maximum, you don’t win the progressive jackpot. You can, however, perform well for the game’s reel.