Amaya’s CEO Talks about Online Casino Gaming

David Baazov, Canadian Amaya Gaming Group’s CEO grabbed the attention of four major slot companies’ chief executives at a recent Global Gaming Expo round table. Baazov designed Amaya Group’s acquisition of gaming giant PokerStars, and the deal is believed to be one of the most intriguing gaming equipment transactions of the decade.

In case Baazov, 33, becomes successful in restoring PokerStars’s USA presence, there would be a dramatic enhancement in the online gambling market’s financial prospects in the country.

PokerStars’s prospects in the USA

David Baazov

With a gaming license in New Jersey, the online gambling platform is expected to operate the online platform for Resorts Atlantic City. The competition, however, does not want PokerStars to establish its presence in the region. The company has control of over 50 percent of the gaming traffic across the world (outside of the USA), and with the latest deal, it is expected that the former US-based customers will be drawn too.

Previously, PokerStars operated illegally in America, and after the 2006 passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the company paid over $731 million to settle its charges. Since then, PokerStars has not been operational in the USA. Amaya later bought PokerStars in a deal that ended on 1st August. Amaya is the licensed provider of gaming equipment to several states in the USA including NJ, and it also has licenses with Canadian and European provinces. It is, however, not licensed in Nevada.

David Rebuck, Director of NJ Gaming Enforcement Division, said in September to the Las Vegas Review Journal that the agency is investigating the buyout of PokerStars. The new operations in NJ will unblock the company’s future in America.

More on the deal

Before the deal to Amaya, the PokerStars website had an ongoing deal with Morongo Band of Mission Indians. Due to a “bad actor clause,” however, the deal didn’t fall through. Baazov said after finalizing Amaya’s deal that the slot machines across online casinos will come with the latest technology additions that will definitely not disappoint the millennial gamblers across USA. The deal was successful because of a combination of good capital and low interest rates, he added.

Gambling High Roller Killed in Sydney

With Australians looking to build on their extensive array of high end casinos, they will be troubled by the story of a high roller who was murdered in Sydney earlier this month. Peter Tan Hoang, a 36 year old man from Vietnam, was killed on a Sydney street by a gun shot wound. Mr. Hoang was undergoing criminal proceedings for his links to organized crime and illegal betting.

Peter Tan Hoang

Mr. Hoang built quite a reputation for himself as an elite gambler. He was known to frequent high end casinos throughout Asia, in addition to other illegal gambling enterprises. His overall betting figures in Australia stand at $90 million wagered which is probably more than any other individual over that time span.

His trial in Melbourne stems from an arrest at the Melbourne Crown Casino in 2012. He was arrested with $1.5 million in his possession, with the money said to have come from his ties to organized crime. He was pleading guilty to the charges against him, but was expected to be convicted.

Despite being arrested at the casino, he received rave reviews from that establishment. An employee of the VIP rooms at the Crown Casino, Jennifer Nguyen, had this to say about Mr. Hoang: “He was an important customer at Crown Casino. We valued him very highly. He was always respectful, polite, generous and one of our best patrons.”

Entering and leaving casinos with huge amounts of cash was not new for Peter Hoang. He is said to have left casinos with more than a million dollars on multiple occasions. During one trip to the Crown Casino, he gambled over $13 million, winning $1 million. His overall Crown Casino losses stood at $8 million over a 12 year period.

This story highlights the dangers of VIP gambling to Australia. Casinos are happy to indulge customers such as Mr. Hoang because of how much money they lose over the years. His ties to organized crime are very troubling. His propensity towards a high roller lifestyle may have eventually got him killed.

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Gambling Addiction Getting Worse In UK

Increasing popularity and the addictive nature of gambling games has been a growing concern, with effects of problem-gambling found in disrupted family life. The number of punters in the UK has been on the increase with the advent of online gambling and even more convenient means such as easily available mobile or portable device applications.

As more children in the UK are drawn to the alluring possibilities of winning quick money through enjoyable gaming options, issues with gambling addiction seem to be on a steady rise. Not only is gambling detrimental to mental and social health, it can also lead to further debilitations and dependencies on drugs, leading to crime and depression to the point of suicide.


Concerned citizens

However, several concerned citizens have begun to form committees and programs that help gambling addicts recover and settle back into society as functional citizens. People like Frankie Graham, Clerkenwell resident, is a recovered gambling addict who works toward bringing about awareness about the dangers and harsh repercussions of the habit.

Having recovered after 20 years of being a gambling and drug addict, Graham, reached a turning point in his life after suffering the many ill effects of gambling. With support found in meetings for addicts, Graham mentors and holds workshops for gamblers, both young and old.


An active social rehabilitation organisation, Betknowmore seeks out those in need of help to overcome gaming addictions. The organisation looks to gain attention of gamers on their way to a serious habit and directs them toward better situations with proper aid and awareness.

With a view to nip the problem of gambling in the bud, the organisation focuses on punters in process of developing an addition to gambling. Such people are known to be reluctant seekers of help and often find themselves without much ready support in the community.

With constant advertisements on popular entertainment mediums like television and the internet, problem gambling is currently more widespread than ever in the UK. The attractions of online or mobile betting, or fixed-odds wagers have made it relatively easy for children to place bets as well.

Through community support and information on the many trials of betting, the organisation looks to create awareness and help build resistance to active gaming triggers.

Reputable Freeplay Online Casino

Firekeepers Casino Hotel is not only a very reputable hotel and casino in Battle Creek, but their website also hosts a great number of free casino games. The free games are a great way for a player to understand the basics without having to risk any money. Too many players make the mistake of starting online games without knowing what they are doing. This leads to money being lost unnecessarily.

online slots


The freeplay online casino games available at Firekeepers Casino Hotel’s website are Quick Hit Platinum, Hot Shot, Cash Wizard, Vegas Hits, Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, Blackjack Shuffle, Let it Ride, Chimney Stacks, Cupid Psyche, Big Vegas, and Havana Cubana.

These games include both the classics and some interesting modern online games for players to sample. If you are planning on visiting a casino in the near future, or playing online for money, you are best served by trying the Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, Blackjack Shuffle and Big Vegas games. These games will give you an idea of the basic rules, how games are won and lost, when to bet and when to fold, and how much to bet depending on your cards, the situation and your recent track record of success or failure.

Casino and Hotel:

In addition to offering these freeplay online casino games, FireKeepers Casino Hotel is a great spot for gambling enthusiasts to visit. The site is located at Battle Creek, Michigan, and is home to a huge 120,000 square foot gaming area. This area has around 3,000 slots, 80 tables, and a high class poker room that is going at all hours of the day and night. There is also a bingo room with sessions at least once a day, seven days a week.

Not only can guests enjoy the fantastic casino games, but they can relax at the hotel resort. The hotel is eight floors, with 250 rooms and 25 suites. The pool, hot tub and sauna area is first class and offers guests the chance to relax in style.

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The Biggest Reason Why You Should Choose Slotland’s Jackpot

Ever heard of progressive jackpots? Well, for those of you who haven’t, it’s a system by which a particular slot game is connected to a single jackpot. Progressive jackpots grow quickly as players attempt to hit the same jackpot from different locations.

 Play progressive


The best thing about progressive jackpots is that they’re always growing, which increases the chances of cash winnings. Playing progressive jackpots online is all the rage these days; it’s incredibly easy to play and win six figure jackpots through web and mobile-based casino slot games.

Online casino game operator Slotland is known for creating unique and exclusive slots for its web and mobile players. Try your luck with some of the fastest growing online progressive slot machine games.

Why Slotland?

Slotland holds title for being one of the most hit progressive jackpot casinos. At this popular online casino, the average progressive jackpot is celebrated at $175,000, a prize that is won around 5 times every year.

Secure and fair, Slotland has frequent jackpot hits with all real money slot machine games tied up to one progressive jackpot. This means that higher and more frequent wins spin to the more loyal and regular players.

Open to players across the world, Slotland offers a wide variety of attractive games, all of which are tied up to a single progressive jackpot.

Win big

A few of the biggest wins include a $266, 800 win by an American on a 19 pay-line Carnival slot game that has an arcade shooting bonus round filled with cash prizes and free spins. Recently, a Vancouver resident made a $162,072 win on Tikal Treasure, a Mayan themed, 25 pay-line 5 reel slot game.

The secret to winning a progressive jackpot is all in the bet. A maximum bet, along with the winning combination, is a must to hit the jackpot. Even if you hit the jackpot symbols on wagers less than the maximum, you don’t win the progressive jackpot. You can, however, perform well for the game’s reel.

Paul Boni Opposes Philadelphia Casino

In an effort to boost the city’s economy, Philadelphia’s politicians are attempting to secure a casino license. Alan Greenberger, one of Philadelphia’s most popular government officials, anticipates that the city will hear from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control about the status of this casino license by the end of the summer.

The city’s politicians continue to pursue this gaming license despite facing strong opposition from anti-gambling organizations, economists, and advocacy groups. Spokespeople working for these organizations say that casinos offer no economic benefits to cities or towns.

New Development Proposals

Paul BoniBesides working to obtain the aforementioned gambling license, Philadelphia’s city officials have been meeting with contractors to discuss various construction projects and development deals. More specifically, one developer wants to build a unique waterfront property that mimics Seattle’s world-famous Space Needle.

Timothy Wilmott, the developer who presented this Space Needle project, recently withdrew the proposal in light of the city’s attempt to receive a casino construction permit. Wilmott explained that one of the reasons his company withdrew their proposal was that the city seemed more interested in pursuing the city casino project.

Alan Greenberger indicates that the reason he is pursuing a casino license is that the casino will generate more revenue and jobs for the city than the other development projects. Greenberger also claims that building a casino within Philadelphia’s city limits will improve the city’s economic climate for other business owners as well.

Greenberger says that he, along with his advisers, closely analyzed every development project what was presented to them. Greenberg argues that the casino plan offered the most economic benefits of all the projects presented to his team.

Philadelphia’s City Casino Plan Faces Opposition

Alan Mallach, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, believes that there is not enough evidence to suggest that the proposed casino will guarantee economic growth in Philadelphia. Mallach says that all of the casino literature that the Philadelphia Federal Reserve reviewed was purely anecdotal.

Paul Boni is another individual who opposes the proposed Philadelphia casino. Boni is an attorney who works for Stop Predatory Gambling, and is adamant that this casino center will offer no economic benefits to Philadelphia residents. Instead, Boni says, the casino will likely hurt the city’s economy.

Boni argues that gamblers playing at this Philadelphia-based casino will not stop at a local restaurant or attend a concert after gambling. Instead, these gamblers who are coming from one of the city’s suburbs to gamble will return home without spending additional money at other local businesses.

Gambling Industry Gains Steam in Macau

In all of China, only Macau allows legalized gambling. The former Portuguese colony has a long tradition of gaming stemming from small-time card room and venues operated by criminal elements to today’s world class gambling options, fully compliant with government oversight and guaranteed safe and secure.

Gambling is big business in Macau. Last year alone, Macau gambling interests took in more than $36 million in revenue from casinos. That’s five times the amount of revenue taken in by Las Vegas gambling venues in 2012. Just being close to Hong Kong, mainland China, and surrounding Asian nations brings in 14 million tourists a year, many of whom are interested in playing casino games. Almost 90 percent of these tourists come from the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Macau has been likened to a Las Vegas on steroids. Gaming revenues in the island city have risen 20 percent a month in the last year, according to the Macau Gaming inspection and Coordination Bureau. Even with economic growth slowing in China, tourists and gaming revenues have consistently grown, bureau officials say.

Responding to this tremendous growth in gaming, casino corporations have jumped in full throttle to capitalize on the interest. More than $25 billion in projects related to gaming have been initiated in Macau in the last two years. The new gambling venues are expected to employ more than 35,000 workers ranging from construction workers to blackjack dealers, executives to cocktail lounge employees.

With the increased emphasis on gambling, however, some negativity must be overcome. While Macau residents have reaped the rewards in terms of better jobs and living conditions, they also have suffered some social costs. Social welfare networks have been stretched thin while health and transportation services have been sorely tested. Property has become more expensive and housing is much more scarce.

However, Macau leaders, business people, and much of the community have benefited from the influx of tourists and capital with the best yet to come, gaming officials promise.

Ramesses Riches Slot Game

Name: Ramesses Riches
Video Slot
Theme: Egyptian
5-Reel, 20-Payline, Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Gamble Feature.
Wild: Ramesses
Scatter: Ankh

Ramesses is a name inextricably linked with ancient Egypt, with associations of noble blood, great conquests and of course vast riches. The line of Ramesses was actually a dynasty of ten kings of the Egyptian empire, with Ramesses III being the greatest and most powerful ruler Egypt had ever seen. Under him the Egyptian empire was hugely abundant, and his military prowess meant that he lead the Egyptian army and navy to their greatest victories in recorded history.

This huge tradition of power, strength and abundance is carried through today in the exotic and striking video slot Ramesses Riches. As you travel through the scorching desert, wind whipping sand up around you and the golden sun beating down on the amber landscape, and you suddenly come across a beautiful oasis. Tall majestic palm trees sway in what has become a gentle breeze, their broad green leaves whispering in the wind while they shield you from the beating sun. This is where you will meet the  Ramesses Riches, the exciting 5 reel twenty payline video slot with fresh and colorful graphics and an enchanting theme.

Ramesses Riches

A classic symbol associated with Egyptian mythology is the Ankh, the cross with a handle also known as the key of life. The Ankh is a Scatter symbol in Ramesses Riches and three or more of these will transport you to the mystical desert night in the oasis, the palm trees being spotted with stars in the inky sky, reflected in the almost glassy sand dunes as pyramids stand proudly in the distance of your vision. You get to enjoy free spins, and if you get a Ramesses symbol in one of your free spins, your winnings are multiplied by six! Truly that’s abundance at the scale of the Egyptian emperors.

The great king Ramesses will be the wild symbol in this game, meaning he can stand in for any symbol to complete a payline and bless you with even more winnings! Enjoy the fresh and exciting paylines  – ancient black cats were worshipped in Egypt and were even buried with their owners so people would not be lonely in the afterlife without their beloved pets.

There is also a beautiful portrait of Cleopatra on the Ramesses Riches slot, with her striking eyeliner, caramel-coloured skin and her hair glossy ebony hair embroidered with gold, she will brighten up your screen with her regal beauty and excellent bone structure. Enjoy other symbols like the Eye of Horus and a scroll of papyrus covered in ancient hieroglyphics. Did you know that Egyptian hieroglyphics is among the earliest recorded written language known, and that scribes were highly valued in Egyptian society? While reading and writing are pretty much every-day activities in the modern world, the allure of riches and stature still entrance human beings, and that is why the Ramesses Riches slot is so fascinating. The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, wealth and royal strength, making it a perfect addition to this video slot – not only is it safe because Microgaming offers the strongest protection ensuring your gambling is safe and secure, but the royal wealth is seen in its rich graphics, highly cultured sound, and abundant payouts.

Most of us think of Ancient Egypt as a funky theme for a costume party or perhaps an informative chapter in a history book, but this time and place in history was actually one of the most intellectually and materially abundant times of human history, with mathematics, astronomy and agriculture being as abundant as the gold stores and empirical riches of the great King Ramesses, who was a brave warrior as well as a generous king. Now you can join in the opulence of that ancient time by spinning and winning with Ramesses Riches.

Local Tradition


While casinos certainly go to great lengths to attract as many people as possible from out of town, there is no doubt that locals are a very important part of their business. With this fact in mind, the Best of Las Vegas recently released its list of top casinos for locals. These casinos provide the best of the best for the local population all throughout the year.

The Top Contenders

The Tropicana Las Vegas takes the crown, offering patrons outstanding customer service and an at-home feel that is all together different than the atmosphere that is offered by establishments along the Strip. Just behind the Tropicana is the Aliante Casino Hotel. This spot offers personalized service and welcomes the feedback of their customers in every aspect of their business. Locals consistently rave about this location and prove their loyalty year after year.

VIP All Year-round

The South Point Hotel Casino and Spa has been labeled as an all-inclusive experience that is beyond compare. Patrons that make their way through the doors are given VIP treatments without having to spend incredible amounts of money to get the best that the hotel has to offer. The Red Rock Casino and Resort also offers Spa treatments and various other luxurious amenities. They receive extremely high marks when it comes to the friendliness and experience of their staff.

Staff Beyond Reproach

The M Resort is loved for its accessibility, plentiful parking, and staff that is generous and welcoming. Although some people classify this location as slightly pricey for a location that is not on the Strip, the bar consistently draws in locals due to its drink selection and outstanding beers. The Silverton Casino Lodge has been hailed as a momentous success due to its relaxed atmosphere and experienced staff. No need is left wanting yet you do not have to get dressed up just for a night out of high-class entertainment.

New York Voters Pass Legislation Allowing Seven New Upstate Casinos



Voters in New York have approved an amendment to the state’s constitution that allows the creation of as many as 7 Las Vegas-style casinos in New York State. Backed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, the bill is also known as Proposal One, and is aimed at rejuvenating upstate communities that are struggling in a sluggish economy.

Billed as a means of creating jobs in these upstate communities, the Governor also cited the state’s loss of potential revenue to gaming operations in neighboring states as a significant factor in his decision to support the amendment. In addition to creating thousands of new jobs, the 25% tax rate that would be applied to full-scale casino operations could bring the state hundreds of millions in recaptured revenue, which he says could help to fund the state’s schools and allow for tax cuts.

Proposal One works by dividing upstate New York in various non-Indian land regions, and allowing one resort casino to be constructed in some of these regions. When it was first introduced, the bill allowed for the construction of just three casinos, but was later changed to allow four, and then seven casinos to be built in upstate areas.

During the first phase of development, which will last for seven years, four upstate sites would be allowed to build class III casinos. The second phase will allow for the proposal of three additional downstate sites, with preference being given to the Southern Tier, the Capital District, and the Catskills.

Despite passing by a 57% to 43% margin, the referendum has its share of critics. Among them is E.J. McMahon of the nonpartisan Empire Center for Public Policy. Citing the center’s analysis of the impact that the casinos would have on the state, he says that the amendment would have little impact, only lowering upstate, private-sector employment by a maximum of 0.4 of 1 percent, and only increasing state school aid by a maximum of 1 percent.

Proposal One is the most aggressive one-time expansion of casino operations that the state has ever seen, and comes at a time when many of New York’s neighboring states are also taking significant steps to expand their own gaming industries. Both New Jersey and Delaware are venturing into the realm of online, real-money gaming, and both Massachusetts and New Hampshire are also examining plans to increase gambling operators in their own states. In addition, nearby Pennsylvania has grown to become the second most lucrative casino-operating state in the country.